A vegetarian who loves carbs, hates lettuce, and knows her way around the kitchen.

Because pizza.

Because pizza.

Who says winter means no fruit? Apples are my favorite snacks, if you eat cheese try spreadable brie or goat cheese, or dipping in carmel or chocolate is always a good option!

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There’s a lot of unhealthy culture around sweets and eating esp for women. And I don’t see the harm in eating sweets sometimes. Humans didn’t evolve with refined sugar true: but the way things are designed is a binge and purge culture - where you eat sugar free and fat free yogurt and other…


It makes me so sad that when someone asks “Do you like chicken?” what they really mean is “Do you eat chicken?”
These precious animals are not seen as living creatures, they are viewed as food and nothing more.
The word “chicken” isn’t even connected to a sentient being in most minds.

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